October 2017 Update

As we recently informed our members, Saivian International Ltd. has determined that, in light of rampant fraud perpetrated against our company and members in Asia, we have no choice but to cease all operations. To compensate legitimate active members as of July 31, 2017 who spent more on membership than they received in benefits including passes and compensation, at our discretion, we have voluntarily decided to offer refunds. Those refunds are available to members who receive the designated email that has already begun to be sent out. Please check your email from our third party processor that is handling all payments and complete their online confidential identification form. This will ensure timely refunds to the qualifying members.

As a final reminder all liabilities from any unused passes and ewallet balances for members have been officially incorporated into the Saivi World Pte Ltd company by way of a signed agreement between the separate entities. This arrangement is exclusively available under their site SaiviWORLD.sg (temporarily saivi.world) and their new platform for a limited time. Saivian International Ltd has always acted in good faith for the best interests of their members and continues to do so even during this final closeout period. Thank you for this understanding as we wish you the the best in all of your future endeavors.

Saivian International Ltd
Hong Kong





最后,所有未使用的通行证和電子錢包余额已经通过独立实体签署的协议正式過度于Saivi World Pvt 有限公司。此獨家協議只在Saivi.WORLD网站及其新平台上限時提供。即使在這最后的期间,赛比安國際直以诚信为己任並為成员維護最大利益。